Call for Papers

The STI/ENID 2020 conference will be held 2-4 September 2020 in Aarhus, Denmark.

This edition will have a special focus on the interplay between the construction and use of Science, Technology and Innovation indicators in science policy and performance evaluations, and the potential effects they have on research integrity.

The conference will have a mix of traditional paper and poster sessions, as well as special track sessions where the presentation form can vary.

Call for paper and poster submissions

We welcome contributions on the general topics covered by the conference, as well as contributions to open special tracks. This includes contributions on:

  • Indicators of science, technology and innovation (e.g., systemic and behavioural effects of indicators; responsible use of indicators; measuring socio-economic impact; societal impact etc.)
  • Research integrity (e.g., responsible conduct of research and the challenges from indicators; questionable or detrimental research practices; research misconduct; damaging behaviours by research institutions, sponsors, or journals; promoting research integrity etc.)
  • Research evaluation (performance and incentives; diversity in evaluations; mixed-methods and case studies; responsible evaluation; mapping in evaluation studies)
  • Open science (Open Access; Open data; Open reproducible research; Open science evaluation; Open science and the academic reward system; Open science policies; Open science tools etc.)
  • Meta-perspectives (e.g. inter, trans- and multidisciplinarity; meta-science, science of science and research on research; foundations for STI studies; challenges and opportunities of STI studies; theories and foundations of indicators)
  • Careers in science (e.g. global diversity in research; gender biases in science; inclusion policies; early career researchers experience; careers outside academia; mobility of scientists; career equity etc.)
  • Science funding (e.g. funding effects; inequalities in funding; funding models; mapping funding landscapes and priorities etc.)

Special tracks open for submissions

Click here for descriptions of all special tracks
  • Advanced bibliometric indicators and approaches for research evaluation
  • Bibliometric studies of open access publications
  • Gender studies in science and technology studies (STS): a closer look at variables
  • Mapping research related to sustainable development goals
  • Methodological challenges in identifying and measuring the effects of science policies on performance indicators
  • Questionable publishing across different countries
  • Reflexive bibliometrics: new perspectives on practices of scrutinization in scientometrics
  • Science communication and research impact

Important notes

  • All submissions will be assessed according to their policy relevance; we therefore encourage authors to motivate and reflect upon this.
  • Work submitted to the conference should be novel and original. Work that has already been accepted for publication or published in a journal will not be accepted for conference presentation. Archived preprints are acceptable.
  • Please take into consideration who will be presenting the work, in case of acceptance, as we will strive to have a maximum of one presentation per participant.

Important dates & files


All submission types use the same common paper template. Posters should also be submitted as a short paper. Accepted posters will have the opportunity to be hosted in their final layout as a PDF on our website.

Microsoft Word DOCX paper template

Submission types
  1. Short paper (max 3,000 words) with a comprehensive description of a completed study.
  2. Research-in-progress (max 2,000 words) with a description of an ongoing study.
  3. Posters (max 1,000 words) with an abstract of the study.

Important dates

Conference dates: September 2nd - 4th, 2020
Early Bird registration (final date): July 15, 2020
Final registration: August 21, 2020
Special Tracks
Call for Special Tracks announced: November 15, 2010
Submission deadline, special tracks (no extension possible): January 31, 2020
Notification of acceptance, special tracks: February 10, 2020
Papers and posters
Call for Papers & Posters announced: February 12, 2020
Submission deadline, papers & posters: April 1 April 15, 2020
Notification of acceptance, papers & posters: June 15, 2020